Turnaround Manager

Posted 4 years ago

ocal point for a designated block and is accountable to working with the contractors to deliver HSSE, Quality and schedule premises for his/her turnaround block.
Responsible for providing execution management assistance to the CONTRACTOR’S team to ensure HSSE, Quality standards and schedule are being maintained.
Ensures CONTRACTOR is working efficiently and looking ahead at upcoming work.
Must have more than 10 years’ experience in Engineering works in the Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining industry, a minimum of 5 years as a Mechanical Field Engineer and 3 years as Turnaround Block Lead or Turnaround Block Coordinator
Educational qualifications: Preferably degree qualified minimum in Mechanical discipline or standards based qualification.
Must have a good knowledge & understanding of various process equipment.
Must be able to read, write and speak English (IELTS 6 Equivalent).
Must be capable of assisting in QA / QC / HSSE compliance audits on site procedures and HSSE Plans.
Must be able to work with computers utilising Microsoft Windows and Office suite of packages.
Must be fully aware of different pipes, gaskets and bolting materials.
Must have knowledge of different welding techniques and its quality requirements.
Must be able to organise up to 10 Supervisors and be stand in for the Manager.
Must be able to organise the materials and equipment for larger jobs.
Must be able to trouble shoot, test and propose repair methods without any supervision.
Must be able to understand and lifting plans and recognize and flag up non-compliances.
Must be able to read and understand engineering drawings and PEFS
Must be able to advise, support and replace the Field Engineer if necessary.
Must understand the implications of working with a lumpsum CONTRACTOR.

• Excellent communication skills and customer focus
• Contractual Acumen
• Financial Acumen
• Strong negotiation skills
• Risk identification
• Leadership and coaching
• Knowledge of contracting and procurement processes
• Can read, write and speak English language. (IELTS 8 equivalent).
• 10 + years of overall experience in TAs, maintenance, or project construction.
• 10 + years of experience in control of CONTRACTORs in turnaround or project construction
• 5+ years of experience of producing contract scopes of work and tendering of contracts

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